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“From Uniform to Uniform” coming soon!

From Uniform to Uniform: Transitioning from the Military to the Civilian Job Market

My new book is at the printer!  By next week you can buy it at in paperback or for Kindle.  Just $9.99 for the paperback and $6.99 on Kindle.

If you or someone you know is transitioning from the military, this handy book will help you get started on your journey.

First, thank you for your service! 

You’re ready to step out of your military uniform and back into real clothes and a new career.

Do you know where to start?

Do you even know what you want to do?  

Did you know every company has a uniform whether you recognize it or not? 

Do you know what language they speak?  It’s only a form of English, just like your military jargon is only a form of English.

I’ve been there and I know the battle you’re facing.  This little book can help you think through the process as you prepare for your transition to civilian life.  It isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t easy either.  In today’s market, few will hand you a job just because you are (were) a soldier, airman, sailor, marine, or coastee.  Businesses yesterday, today, and tomorrow must still make the bottom line.

Show them how you can help them do it.  

Watch here in the next couple of days for the release of the book.

Use it as your personal workbook to get figure out important steps before you hit the job market.  Learn how to write a résumé that human relations departments will read.  Find out how to approach an interview and what you need to know before you go to the interview.

Just a few more days and the book will hit the street.  $9.99 at for the paperback and $6.99 for Kindle.  Links will be available soon.