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Reduce your stress with good hobbies

What are your hobbies?

We can’t do much about some of the stresses in our life. We may not have the ability to change jobs at the moment or change our boss, but we can do things that reduce the effect of the stresses. One such action is the adoption of healthy hobbies hobbiesthat you enjoy.

Hobbies can take on any shape and size as long as they remain fun, challenging, and remove you from the thoughts of everyday stress. A laundry list of possible hobbies is impossible, but some common ones include reading, sewing, running, flying model planes, other model building, bird watching, … The list is endless and what may be a job for someone else, may be a hobby for you. The key is in the attitude and mindset you have toward the activities.

Hobbies take your mind off of the unpleasant stresses in life and give you a short reprieve while engaged in them. They let you reset your attitude and relax with something you enjoy. Hobbies change the course of the day and let you release the toxic emotions that build in stressful situations. Use them to do just that.

One important caution with hobbies. Don’t let them become income generators or income drains. Hobbies, too, must be kept in balance or they can begin to add to your stress. Inexpensive hobbies about, take advantage of those. If you do have a hobby that is expensive, set aside a given amount of money you will devote to it and stop at that point. Don’t let finances become another point of stress because of your hobbies.

The second point, don’t let them become income generators means don’t let your hobby become your primary source of income. It’s okay to make a few dollars here and there from your hobby, but when it becomes your primary income, it is no longer a hobby, it is a job. When that happens, the thing you used to release the stress in your life, suddenly becomes another source of stress because now you HAVE to get things done to make an income. Keep your hobby as a hobby unless you can replace it with something just as enjoyable.

You’ll never stop the stress in your life, but you can change your attitude and responses toward it. Pick up a hobby and enjoy a few minutes a day to just relax in what you like to do best.