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Life Balance

Is your life out of balance? Spinning out of control? Too much time on the job and not enough with your family? Can’t make sense out of what you want to do with your life? That’s what a life coach can help you do. Life coaches assist you in getting life balance back. What does that mean?

All of us are a single entity. We also participate in several aspects of life that demand time and energy from us: family, job, faith, friends, education, finance planning, hobbies, charity work, skills development, and the list goes on. The question is our life balance of time and energy right so we can create the best life for ourselves and others?

Different life coaches use different ways to describe the domains or dimensions in which we operate. My favorite grew out of my Army career, which came from their studies in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. The domains, for me, sum up the whole of who we are and the other avenues we pursue fit into one of the five domains listed:

Five Domains of Life Balance

 life domains

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