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Inbox Management

Is your inbox management out of control? Do you have trouble with the piles of paper on your desk? Is yinboxour task list longer than Santa’s nice and naughty list? Do you need help getting it all sorted out?

One of the most stressful issues many deal with on a day-to-day basis is inbox management; uncontrolled mailbox, paper inbox, or calendar. A calendar with no white space may look like an important, busy executive or mid-level manager on their way up, but it is really the mark of a leader on their way to a heart attack.

Everyone needs at least some time during the day to process all the information that comes from all the other meetings and activities from a busy day; time to deal with the influx of information that bombards us from all directions.

How a Life Coach Can Help in Inbox Management

A life coach can help with tools and techniques to help with your problem.

  • Learn how to empty your inbox.
  • Learn how to handle paper once.
  • Learn how to prioritize your work for optimal productivity.
  • Learn to use calendars (Outlook and paper) effectively.

Perhaps you need help with procrastination. Often procrastination is just a lack of organization of priorities and an inability to focus appropriately on the bite-sized issues that that form your day. Inbox management helps you put all your tasks in one place, prioritize them, schedule them, and get them done. It gives you control of your time instead of it controlling you. Learn the tools and techniques from a good life coach and let them help you find the techniques you’ll stick with day to day to revolutionize your life.

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