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I Need a Life Coach | What is a Life Coach |

Have you been saying to yourself, “I need a life coach?” Have you been wondering, “What is a life coach?”

As a leader and mentor for 30+ years in the Army Medical Department and a Christian pastor for 20+ years, I’ve been able to help others find themselves, balance their lives, and improve their situations in a variety of ways at home and in their professional lives.

I have several packages available for your convenience.

free session

One thirty-minute session with me. See what Life Coaching is all about and if I’m the right coach for you.Bronze_77

One one-hour session with me. Focus on the five roots of life and what constitutes life balance. Receive my approach to nurturing and nourishing the five roots and how to look at your life in a way that harmonizes them for optimal achievement in your life.silver_127

Two one-hour sessions with me and unlimited (almost*) email access for one month. Receive the Bronze package plus techniques to find your purpose in life and fit your skills and talents into the job you love.gold_227

Four one-hour sessions with me and unlimited (almost*) email access for one month. Receive the Silver package plus personally focused techniques to help you with your most overwhelming stress points.**Platinum_1777

Two one-hour sessions each month with me, unlimited (almost*) email, and unlimited (almost*) phone access to me for a year. Receive the Gold package plus work through techniques and procedures to set and achieve your goals. This is a limited offer as I can only take five Platinum package clients at a time.

Contact me if you’re looking for a life coach to find balance in your life, set and achieve life goals, or just need some help finding ways to become accountable.

Choose one of the packages above and

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