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Life Coach May Be the Latest Craze, But Why Do I Want One?

Why do I want with a life coach? What does a life coach do? Well, what does Kevin Durant want with a shooting coach? He’s at the top of the league. Still Justin Zormelo works with him daily to keep him there.

What does a life coach do?

Deborah Gaines, Executive Director for Strategic Communications in New York, put it this way for herself, “I needed to make twice as much money without sacrificing flexibility or working more hours.” Sometimes the question is, “How do I spend less time at work and more time with my family?” Sometimes people want to know, “How do I break away from the rat race and do what I really want to do with my life without going bankrupt?”

Life coaches help answer those questions. Will they give you magic beans to grow money trees or give you days with 26 hours in them? No, but they will help you set goals and reach them.


Life coaches meet a variety of needs!

What goals can a life coach help you meet?

  • Financial
  • Career
  • Promotion
  • Parenting
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Networking
  • Retirement
  • Vacation Planning
  • Fitness
  • Wellness how-to-reduce-stress-goal-setting

Name the issue and there’s a coach that will help you and some that deal in only that specialty. The point is, we often need someone to look over our shoulder to help us see our own faults. We need someone to show us a process or technique. We need someone who will be honest and open with us and not afraid to hurt our feelings with the truth.

Why can’t I just use family or friends as a coach?

It’s a good question since decades ago we used our extended family as life coaches. Grandpa and Aunt Mary were always good at helping us sort out our problems. They always had the sage advice we were seeking. We’d walk across the street or around the corner and sit on the porch and learn from them. Today, in our mobile society, we don’t even know Aunt Mary and Grandpa is 3,000 miles away. It’s not so easy to take the advice of extended family you only see at family reunions every five the best

What about friends? It sounds good, but in reality, unless they are really good friends, do they and you know the friendship will last through constructive criticism at almost every meeting? And when do you separate coaching and friendly conversation? Will you feel like the spouse of a psychiatrist wondering if you’re being analyzed at that “romantic” dinner?



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What can I expect from a life coach?

Life coaches are not magicians, but they do some incredible work. They understand human nature and why people have difficulty setting and meeting goals in different areas of life. Whether the problem is knowledge based and understanding the action steps to getting there, process oriented and knowing skills and techniques to smooth rough spots, or procrastination that just needs a gentle push and accountability, your life coach helps with the obstacles that keep you from your higher potential.

  • You can expect your to listen to you. I mean to really listen.
  • You can expect tips and techniques that help streamline some of your processes.
  • You can expect help in clarifying and defining your goals.
  • You can expect honest, open communication with your coach.
  • You can expect integrity from your coach.
  • You can expect confidentiality between you and your coach.
  • You can expect criticism and praise from your coach.

Your life coach will do a lot for you to help you be a better you. But don’t expect your life coach to do all the work. In fact, don’t expect your coach to do most of the work. Just like Kevin Durant, he has a shooting coach, but it’s Kevin on the court practicing every day to be the highest scoring player in the NBA, not Justin Zormelo. So it is with your life coach. He or she will give advice, provide tips and techniques, make recommendations, provide constructive criticism, push against procrastination, and all manner of things to get you to move toward your goal. In the end, you must ultimate make the move. You must do the work.



Why choose me?Christmas 2011 060

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably decided to look into a life coach. There are about 20,000 in the United States. You want a coach that fits your personality and your need. So what makes me special? Why should you choose me as your life coach?

Life coach is my passion. I’ve made it part of my activities since 1976 when I became an Army officer. Then, I called it mentoring as I helped Soldiers and their families sort out their careers and their lives. Over a 30-year military career, I’ve mentored hundreds of officers, enlisted, and civilians on both personal and professional issues. Mentoring requires understanding both personal and professional aspects, a holistic approach, because each impacts the other. Anyone who tells you that you can separate your personal life from your work life doesn’t understand human nature.

In 1980, I also began studies for ordination. Although my studies were interrupted by a couple of conflicts, I was ordained in 1991 and served as interim pastor nine times. While I don’t proselytize, I do understand the importance of keeping our spiritual lives in balance. Even atheists do not deny there is a spiritual component to our life. Their argument is whether that spiritual component is an external almighty being or an internal self. I bring the understanding from over twenty years of Christian ministry to my life coaching.

Finally, along with my 30-year military career, I spent five years as a consultant in one of the country’s largest consulting firms as a strategic planning, change management, operations management consultant. I’m certified as a change management advanced practitioner. I opened my own consulting business in change management and strategic planning two years ago. So, I understand business, federal contracting, the current effects in the economy, marketing, and the stresses on business owners.

I’ve been married to the same lovely lady since 1976 and have two grown children, both out of the house, married, and doing well. I enjoy spending time with my three grandchildren (God’s gift for not killing your kids!)

I’m ready to share what works and what doesn’t through the 37 years I’ve made notes to myself and others.

Let Me Be Your Coach